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Photo credit: Erica Dady Photography and Jacob Ducote Photography

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About Daren Alexander Art

My name is Daren Alexander and I’m a self-taught artist and a Registered Nurse for 27 years. Originally  I started painting using acrylics and primarily painted pet portraits but gradually switched to oil paints and my primary focus now is wedding portraits, either as live event paintings or from photos. 


My wife, Tina Turnbow Alexander, is also an artist and it was she who inspired me to paint. We have a blended family of 5 children and one granddaughter.


I’m a US Army infantryman veteran. I was stationed at Ft. Hood, Tx and spent 6 months In Saudi Arabia and Iraq during desert shield/desert storm. Upon exiting the military in May 1991, I started back to college and immediately changed my major from medical technology to Nursing. I graduated with my BSN from Grambling State University in December 1994. I’ve worked in several different specialties of nursing but for the past 9 years I’ve worked at the Louisiana Methodist children’s home in Ruston, Louisiana.


I’ve always had an interest in drawing and art but only briefly as a child did I actually attempt to paint. Without instruction or lessons, I became frustrated and quit. In February 2019, after watching my wife paint, I decided to pick up my brush and give painting another try...I’ve been fortunate enough to have had commissioned pieces ever since. 


I paint using an impressionistic/realistic style and ultimately strive to paint hyper realistic. I love the report with my clients and hope to always have a canvas on my easel....creating an art piece for someone. My goal is to have a painting in all 50 states and I hope future brides everywhere will give me an opportunity to create them a portrait. 

Photo by Erica Dady Photography
Photo by Erica Dady Photography
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