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The Process

Live Wedding or Event Painting

I will arrive at least two hours prior to the ceremony and work on the portrait background. Once I get the picture that the couple wants painted, I’ll then paint 3-4 hours or through the reception. I paint with oil paints so the painting will not be completed on site. The portrait will need some drying time, so I’ll take it back to my studio and paint an additional 20-30 hours depending on number of detailed people in the painting.

Once the portrait is completed and has dried, I’ll varnish, apply the hanging wire and ship it. 

Commissioned Portrait from a Photo

I paint a lot of portraits from photos. One thing I always tell the client...the clearer the reference photo, the more details that can be seen and painted. The reference photos can be sent via text or email.  I will also need the Photographers name and business where I can obtain permission to use the photo as well as give credit once complete.

 Once the portrait is finished and dried, I’ll varnish, apply hanging wire and ship it. 

Package Pricing

Packages starting at $700 and up depending on location
Message me @ Daren Alexander Art for more information! 

Other Services

  • Pet Portraits in a variety of sizes

  • Graduation or Senior Portraits

  • Mothers and Fathers Day Gifts

  • Architectural Portraits

  • Live Musical Events

  • Family Reunions​​

The only limit is your imagination to what I can put on a canvas. If you have an idea, fill out the form below or give me a call today!


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